Failure is not a step back, it is a step towards success. No one never learn to step out of  comfort zone until they overcome the fear of failure.

Failure is a negative word. Nobody wants to fail. Many of us do everything which is  in our power to avoid the risk of “failures” happening. But have you ever thought about what “failure” actually is?

Let’s think about it from another perspective. Not everything we do work out exactly as planned. But if you don’t succeed, you have to be the type of person who is ready to take some risks. And that means you’re much more likely to ultimately reach your potential.

The successful companies in the world find out employees with a record of both failure and success. This is because someone who survives failure has gained unique knowledge and perseverance from overcoming adversity.



who teaches us so many things which success doesn’t teach us. It’s easy to learn from failure than success. It gives you the ability to analyze what is not working and what is working on some point.

Even if some factors seem to be out of your control, think about what they are. Can you do anything to reduce their impact? Or is there a way to get more control over them? In fact, failure is a better teacher than success.

 Madsen and Desai (2010) found out that knowledge which is achieved by failures lasts longer than that from success. They advises organizations not to ignore or reject failure, but to take failure as a learning opportunity.


By failing and using what you learn from the experience, you have the potential to become more resilient and persistent. The more endurance you show, the less you are emotionally affected by not getting the result you are thinking about.

This gives you a different view point for analyzing that what should to do for getting success. Every time when you fail, it doesn’t mean you have lose everything, but you learn so many new things which help you in future.


If something is worth, it will probably take a lot of work to achieve it. So build into your plans the expectation that this may require significant effort. But you’ll never know until you try. And even if it doesn’t work out, you tried and learned from the experience.

If you’re so preoccupied with fear of failure that you never find the impetus to move forward, then imagine in 12 months time you’ll be dealing with the regret that you never even tried. Which one feels worse?


It is necessary to adopt this though when customizing any design or change to user experience. Try Try again is the key to success that every successful person use in life before getting succeAGAI

Famous scientist Thomas Edison approximately failed more than one thousand time, but he did not quit trying and at the end he got success and became a famous scientist in the world.

“I have not failed, I have just found 10,000 ways that          won’t work”

                                                                   THOMAS   EDISON

Famous Indian company Tata has an award named ‘Dare to try’, it is awarded to those people who has faced failures in past and taught so many different lessons about failure and success. Tata basically promotes a thought in people that failures are helpful in future, not to lose hope.

What these commencements have in common is that they cheer up innovation and accept that failures can offer very valuable lessons that can then help the organization continue to succeed.

Of course, if a company keeps failing and doesn’t turn those failures into success, it won’t last that long, but a company that fears failure and doesn’t learn from it will rarely be successful.


Definitely, failures are part of life and lead towards success. Failures help people to get their lifetime goals through giving experiences about failures.

Failures make a man strong and he/she after facing failures ready to face any situation in life with bravery. So when you face failure in life, just think it is the time to learn from failures not to quit struggling.