There are numerous top Smartphones across the globe with cutting-edge features includes, however, a couple of them beat the others as far as their general sales over the globe. With the smartphones becoming vital in the lives of the majority of the population, the business has experienced development and growth in 2018, with rivalry ending up significantly stiffer. Designs of the smartphones have been upset in the transformed and reformed in a couple of years, along these lines moving the prominence appraisals of various organizations.

Following are the top 10 smartphone brands in the world.


Samsung finishes the smartphone marketplace by volume with 22% of the market share in 2018 Q2. The organization’s shipments of the smartphone recorded a minimal development of 4% every year amid the quarter.

In any case, the shipments of the organization remained level quarter on quarter. Standard vending cost of Samsung cell phones increased because of strong shipments of Samsung Galaxy S8+ and S8 gadgets. Be that as it may, shipments of mid-level A series, as well as J series low-end, declined successively.


Number 2 is Cupertino epic Apple. According to Counterpoint Investigation, the organization holds a market share of 11.2% all-inclusive. The shares of the organization have fallen insignificantly opposite the Q2 of the year 2016 once it held the shares 11.3%.

Not long ago, the organization revealed its results of the second quarter wherever it has seen sound development in both iPad as well as iPhone sales.


Huawei is at Number 3 Chinese brand of smartphone. The organization transported best second-quarter shipments of around 38.4 million units, up and about 20% every year. Developing markets have performed a key part in the organization’s development internationally.

In China, the smartphone brand Huawei held its best spot amid the second quarter, in front of adversaries Vivo and Oppo. The organization’s Nova and Appreciate the series, alongside leading P10, saw solid request amid the quarter in the nation. Shares of Huawei’s in the top-notch portion additionally extended because of the solid execution of its P and Mate series.


Oppo is the fourth-biggest brand universally. The organization detained market share of around 8.4% internationally amid the quarter. The brand full noteworthy development in India, it’s most grounded advertise outside China.


the fifth-biggest brand all around the world is Vivo, holding the market share of around 6.6%. Much the same as Oppo, the organization as well has seen solid performance and development in the market of India.


LG is a South Korean brand of smartphones and is at number 7. 13.3 million smartphones are registered by the organization that ships in 2017 Q2 with solid performances in Europe and Asia.

The shipments of the organization’s declined 4% every year amid the quarter. The shipments of the organization in North America likewise declined successively as a result of lower-than-anticipated sales of its lead flagship cell phone G6.


The eighth biggest smartphone brands were ZTE and were catching 3.3% of the market share in the overall industry amid the quarter.


Lenovo (together with Motorola) keep on facing intense rivalry in business sectors, for instance, LATAM and India. The organization, in any case, manages and figured out how to clutch its worldwide market share of 3.2% amid the quarter, similar as in Q2-2016.


Alcatel is at number 10. The organization saw a decrease in its shares of the market opposite the second quarter of the earlier year. The organization held 1.3% of the market share all around the world in 2017 Q2 when contrasted with around 2.1% it held amid a similar quarter a year ago.