Samsung group is actually a South Korean multinational firm and also recognized as the globes biggest and leading Consumer Electronics manufacturers. Its main head office is in Samsung Town, Seoul. Various businesses are affiliated with this and united under the brand of Samsung. According to the statistics of 2012, Samsung actually generated the profits of around 268.8 Billion Dollars (USD), making it the most profitable and leading company.

Samsung manufactures as well as exports all of its products from around each part of the globe. The operations of the company started in 1938 as of the trading company plus for the thirty years they basically focus and emphases on the food items, retail, security, insurance and textile. At the end of the 1960’s, Samsung starts to manufacture the consumer electronics. Moreover, Samsung made its position and mark in defense, Aerospace surveillance, construction and shipping industry. A lot of additional Subsidiaries or divisions are running under the banner of Samsung.

Following are some of the main divisions.

  • Samsung Electro – Mechanics.
  • Samsung Fire and Marine Insurance
  • Renault Samsung Motors
  • Samsung Electronics
  • Samsung Life Insurance
  • Samsung Heavy industries
  • Samsung Global Scholarship Program

Samsung is confidently covering nearly all sectors and because of this reason they are progressing and developing through leaps and bounds.

In the recent times, Samsung is among the largest and leading mobile phone manufactures and of course it is really a hard struggle to get there.

In the year 1983, Samsung finally enters into the business of mobile phones. In 1986, they launched the very first and initial mobile built-in car phone named SC-100 and this phone faces a complete failure and disappointment. The quality of the phone was extremely poor that several consumers filed complaints against the phones, and as a result of this, company cuts down their engineers from forty to ten from the development team. After this failure, Ki Tae Lee the present head of the Telecommunications division decided to continue in this industry. They follow the path of the Motorola and develop and improve their own technology.

Some people say that Samsung tried and actually did counterfeit and imitate the technology of Motorola so that they overwhelmed the sectors where they were actually lacking. After 2 years in 1988, Samsung was finally in the position to manufacture its very first mobile handheld phone in Korea, model named SH-100 but still consumers thought merely of the Motorola when the customers thought about the mobile phones as the phone’s quality was not actually good enough in order to break the consumers’ preference. Samsung struggles hard and from this point, Samsung begins their legacy. However, Samsung were merely able to vend around two thousand mobile phones each year.

From 1986 till the early 1990’s, itinerant or the travelling models were introduced by the Samsung mobiles, though the sales of the phones were low consequently the demand was actually low. These early tries were actually consisted of the bulky styles as well as the reception was extremely poor. Motorola was actually holding a huge benefit over the rest of the fledgling itinerant field and the mobile division was nearly dropped by the Samsung.

The turning Purpose:

The year 1993 becomes a turning point for the Samsung mobiles as SH-700 series model was introduced with the Samsung mobile that actually boasted a sleek and a smaller style as well as consist of higher quality of sound. Model SH-700 was pretty remarkable and amazing. Its weight was very low as compared to other models of different companies. The design of this model was compact and solid and the quality of this model was significantly improved and better over the earlier models. In order to guarantee the perfect quality each manufactured product was actually tested and verified piece-by-piece. The defected phones were openly burned in front of all of the employees and the burned products were actually worth around 188 million dollars. ‘Quality is pride’ was the motto of the burning ceremony and the true essence and spirit of the new management was in each employee’s mind.

The model named SH-770 was basically presented in October 1994 with the brand name known as ‘Anycall’. All this was because of the efforts of the marketing team at the brand building. SH-770 was basically the upgraded and advance version of the model SH-700. Few of the changes were introduced in the design as well as the quality of the product was introduced.

So, this was the beginning of the success of the Samsung mobiles as they introduce the aggressive marketing promotions, they concentrated on building the good affiliation with the distributors, a complete and amazing advertising promotion was also run and customer recommendations were also worked in an optimistic and constructive way.

Therefore, because of all of this extensive and wide-ranging marketing efforts, Samsung mobile phone’s market shares was flown from 25.8 % in 1994 October, to 51.5 % in 1995 August. With the similar time period, the market shares of Motorola were dropped from 52.5 % to 42.1 %.

In 2012, Samsung was among the top ten best valuable brands across the globe. Now, Samsung is among the biggest smartphone manufacturer across the globe.

Phone Designs:

The very first Samsung phones were mainly the candybar phones, and they were also actually recognized as the bricks because of their size. In the late 1990’s, flip phones or the clamshell was introduced and became famous plus slide phone were also introduced and made its debut.

Samsung’s Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy

In June 2009, the very first and initial Samsung Galaxy phone was launched with numerous good features in contrast to the other mobile phones on the market. The Samsung Galaxy phone was sold and marketed across the globe and it was also extensively accepted. The Samsung Galaxy phone was actually the very first and initial Android built phone presented by the Samsung. Samsung Galaxy Spica was also launched in November 2009 besides of the Samsung Galaxy.

Samsung Galaxy S (Also recognized as the Samsung Galaxy S1)

After the huge success of the Samsung Galaxy, the second Galaxy Smartphone was launched by the Samsung on 4th June 2010 plus until 2013 24 Million phones were sold. The most distinctive feature of this Samsung Galaxy S was its fast graphical processor.

Samsung Galaxy S2

Again, after the huge success of the Samsung Galaxy S1, Samsung Galaxy S2 was launched on 2ndMay 2011. According to the statistics, 40 million phones were sold till January 2013.

Similarly, after the huge success of Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung Galaxy Note or Galaxy Note 1, Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Samsung Galaxy Round and many more are introduced.