Few years back, mobiles were not so common as compare to today. Mostly people used which needed to press the button. Screens were small and speed of working was slow. Internet search needed time to open it. It was like tortoise life to use mobile.

After some years, a revolution had come in mobile phones field. Companies started to use different technologies to manufacture best mobile phone. On June 29 2007, Apple released first iPhone in market. It was a revolutionary act in mobiles world.

The CEO of iPhone STEVE JOBS said in the introductory news conference:

Within six years, the majority of Americans owned a smartphone – embracing the new technology perhaps faster than any other previous technology had been adopted.

Nowadays, iPhone seems incredible. There are so many handsome features in it which Android phone can not give to it’s customers. It connects us with internet, has best camera pixels, it bears use load and never hang. It uses to quickly texting, getting fast access to sites and so on.

Although iPhone gives it’s users so many handsome features but it is expensive in comparison with Android phones. But the demands of iPhone is getting high day by day. Nowadays, iPhone has become dream cell for people specially for young generation.
iPhone has become fashion in people. With its handsome features, iPhone provides a stunning look which impress others. It looks beautiful in hands. Every iPhone has an special apple tattoo on the back side of the mobile.

Marketing of iPhone has gone high in recent days. It has been seen that new generation loving it. The demand of iPhone is increasing day by day. iPhone is launching new models every year and selling ratio goes high with every new model.

iPhone is getting famous in developed countries. According to a survey, 55.79% iPhone has sell in USA. According to this survey, more than 50 percent selling smartphones are iPhone in America.

The selling ratio of iPhone in UK is 43.42 percent, in France 37.86 percent, in Russia 29.13, in Germany 40.49 percent. This graphs indicates that popularity of iPhone is across the world. Developed countries people have keenly interest in iOS.

Not only in developed countries, iPhone is also getting famous in developing countries. Apple has established a plant in India which is most important for that region. iPhone users will be increased in sub continent with this establishment.

The key reason of iPhone to famous in young generation is it’s camera, speed, and smoothly use. iPhone has best policy regarding security issues. No one can hack iPhone easily. iPhone has own Apple store and it doesn’t allow those apps which are not secured.

Although in the beginning, iOS has battery issues but in recent models Apple has get over this and solve this issue. In latest models, iPhone users are not seeing by doing complain regarding battery health. With the passage of time, Apple is trying to facilitate its users with each possible facility.

Last but not least, iPhone has become dream for young generation. In developed countries, iPhone is becoming everyone’s need. iPhone provides best functions to its users. It is possibility that in coming years every adult will have iPhone, especially in developed countries.