When you want to purchase the best smartphone, it is extremely hard to make the first choice whether it will be an Android phone of any popular brand or an iPhone. Of course, it is not going to simple as both the Android phone of any popular brand or an iPhone are offering a great deal of features plus they might look basically the similar except the price and the brand.

On the other hand, you can observe some of the key differences through a closer and deeper look.

For a closer and a deeper look you need to read about the following differences with the help of which you can choose whether an Android phone of any popular brand or an iPhone is better for you.


The very first and the initial place where the alterations among the Android phone of any popular brand and iPhone become clear is the hardware.

iPhones are only manufactured by the Apple, thus it consists of a very tight and close control over that in what way hardware and the software work together. In contrast, the Android software is offered to several phone makers by the Google, together with the Motorola, LG, HTC and Samsung. Because of this, Android phones differ extensively in quality, features, weight and size. Android phones with the extreme quality, class and price are considered as good as an iPhone and this is in terms of the quality of the hardware. But the inexpensive Android phones are extra prone to the complications. Obviously, there can be the hardware issues with the iPhones, but iPhones are generally of the higher quality.

While purchasing an iPhones you just only need to choose a model. As numerous other firms manufacture the android devices and you need to choose a model as well as a brand and this may be confusing. Some of the users might choose the greater choice that Android proposes, but others surely appreciate the Apple’s quality and simplicity.


Here, is the tie between the iPhones and other popular mobile brands.

Operating System Compatibility:

If you want the greatest and the latest version of the smartphone operating system you need to make sure that you have an iPhone. As most of the Android manufactures of popular mobile brands is slow at the up gradation of the phones to the Android’s newest version of the operating system and at times phones are not updated at all. Even though, it is expected that the older Android phones ultimately loses the support for the new operating system. While Apple’s older phones are usually better as compared to Android.

For example, iPhone 5S fully support the iOS 11 as iPhone 5S was launched in 2013. On around 66 percent of the compatible models iOS 11 was actually installed within the six weeks of release.

In contrast, Android 8 was running only on 0.2 percent of the Android devices after the eight weeks of its release or even more than eight weeks. Similarly Android 7 was running only on 18 percent of the Android devices after a year of its release.

The manufacturers of the phones actually control the OS when it is released and statistics show that the majority of the companies are extremely slow in order to update the OS. Thus, to get the greatest and the latest as it gets ready so you want an Iphone.

Here, again iPhone wins the race over other popular mobile brands.


Few applications are offered by the Apple App store as compared to the Google Play but the total range isn’t the most significant factor. About what of the apps are allowed Apple is notably and famously strict, whereas, the standards of the Google for the Android are negligent and lax.

On the other hand, control of the Apple looks too tight, as it avoids the situations as once a whatsapps fake version was published on the Google play and it was downloaded by around one million people and after that it was removed. This is an important potential security risk.

Development costs are combined through the emphasis on the free applications for the Android plus the likelihood is reduced and likelihood can be covered by the developers for their costs. Almost most of the key applications debut first on the iOS, and then, comes later on the Android version.

Here, iPhone wins the race over other popular mobile brands.

Integration with Other Devices:

Apart from the smartphone, the majority of the people use wearable, comport or a tablet. For such individuals, a more integrated and consistent experience is offered by the Apple.

Apple makes iPhone plus they also manufacture watches tablets and computers, Apple also offers such things that actually android can’t.

Continuity features of the Apple basically allow you to unlock the Mac with the use of an Apple watch, as you are walking begin to write an email on the iPhone as well as finish it on the Mac at your home or all of the devices are going to receive any of the calls coming on the iPhone.

Google’s services, for instance, Google Now, Maps, and Gmail etc. works on all of the android devices and this extremely useful, however, unless the computers, phone, tablet and watch are made by the same firm. While there are very less companies except the Samsung as its manufacture the products in almost of those groups. There exists no united experience.

Here, iPhone again wins the race over other popular mobile brands.

Intelligent Assistant: Google Assistant Beats Siri

The very next leading edge or the frontier of the smartphone functionality and features will be determined through the voice interfaces and artificial intelligence. This is the basic front where the Android gets a clear lead.

On the Android devices, most of the prominent intelligent assistant or artificial intelligence is the Google Assistant and this feature is tremendously powerful and dominant. This uses around all of the things that Google actually knows that relates to you as well as the world in order to make the life easier and simple for you. Such as, if the Google calendar is familiar with your meeting with someone that will be at 5:30 and the traffic flow is very terrible and poor, a notification will be sent to you by the Google Assistant that informs you to leave timely or early.

The answer and response of the Apple to the Google Assistant for the artificial intelligence is the Siri. Apple improves Siri at every moment with the every release of the new iOS. But Siri is still restricted to the justly simple tasks as well as doesn’t propose the advanced and progressive smarts of the Google Assistant. Similarly, the Google Assistant is accessible for the iPhone as well.

Here, Android devices of other popular brands win the race.

There are also many other factors that help you to select between an iPhone and other popular mobile brands and these factors may include, resale value, cost, carriers, networking, GPS navigation, screen size, security, peripheral compatibility, user maintenance, battery life, support, gaming and many more.