Electronics have become a basic need in this time of era. We live in a world where we can do our work in minutes or seconds, which used to take hours or days to complete. Mobile phones have made our lives easier.

Although there are disadvantages of giving a mobile phone to young kids. There are some benefits of it on the other hand.

In this fast world where kids can study and learn online

You can control your kid’s activity through the feature of “parental control”, 

Kids can learn new skills via the internet

And the mobile phone is a compact device to use the internet

It got features like GPS which can help you keep an eye on your kids if they’re at a safe location.

You can easily contact and connect to your kid at any time if they got one.

You can worry less about the kids.

And if you’re planning to buy your child a mobile phone, here’s a list of mobile phones you can get for them.

iPhone SE (for young kids)

Specs: released in 2016| 4.0 inches screen display|Gorilla Glass|IPS LCD| 12mp Main camera| 1624mAh battery| 2GB\16GB Storage|

Recommended for Young teens. If your kid is asking for an iPhone as their first mobile phone and you are looking for an affordable option, you can consider iPhone SE for sure. It’s handy and comfortable to hold on and as for kids, they can easily grip on it. They can easily carry it in their pockets or bags.

Pros:  Affordable, Gives nice performance,

 Budget-friendly phone

Cons: No Face ID, Design, and Model is old, cheaper options are available in Android

Google Pixel 4A 


Released in 2020|5.8 inches OLED screen display|12mp Main and 8mp front camera| 3140mAh battery| 6/128GB storage

If you’re planning to buy an android phone rather than iPhone for your kid Google pixel 4a might be a great choice, as it is offering a better and crisp screen display with decent storage. Offering good quality pictures within the affordable price range. It’s a great deal for young kids, 

you can also set up a parental lock on the phone for extra security

Pros: Affordable| plenty storage and RAM | Includes Headphone jack|display gives good sharpness|Light in weight|

Cons: Average battery life, No water resistance, No Micro SD slot

Moto G Pure

Specs: released in 2021| 6.5 inches screen display IPS LCD|Dual camera|13mp Main camera sensor|5mp selfie camera sensor| 4000mAh battery| 3GB\32GB storage|

Moto g pure is an affordable mobile phone with a good camera, big-screen and bright display. It is a great deal because it is not too expensive and besides offers many features at low prices. If your kid is more likely to have a big-screen mobile phone

Pros:  Decent battery life, affordable, durable

Cons: no fast charging, the processor is slow

Xiaomi Redmi 4

Specs: Released in 2017|5.0 inches screen display|IPS LCD|13mp Main camera sensor| 4100mAh battery| 

Xiaomi offers a decent screen display with a smooth performance. Kids these days prefer a phone that has long battery life. Its size is also comfortable to handle. Also, it is an inexpensive mobile phone with many features.  

Pros: Good battery life, decent performance, 

Cons: Average Camera Quality, 

Samsung Galaxy A21s

Specs: Released in 2020| 6.5 inches screen display| Quad camera setup with 48mp Main sensor|13 mp selfie camera|500mAh battery Fast charging|

Samsung galaxy is offering an affordable smartphone with its impressive features. If Your kid is asking for a large screen display mobile phone, here it is on the list. Kids or teens are more likely to have mobile phones with a large screen display and good performance in mobile phones. It offers fast charging with a large battery of 5000mAh, which is also a great thing for teens as their phone can stay charged for a long time so, whenever you contact your kid, there will be low chances to find their phone switched off because of the dead battery.

Pros:  Great battery life and quick charge, budget-friendly, excellent camera performance, big-screen display.

Cons: Ordinary performance, no sharp display