Interestingly, Apple introduces two new and innovative extra-large display smartphones in its lineup, in the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. These leads have a few things in like manner, together with the record-setting Bionic processor A11, dual back cameras plus the wireless charging. However, there are a ton of contrasts, as well, as far as battery life, display, and design.

What’s more, how about we not overlook the $200 value distinction amid the iPhone 8 Plus and the costlier iPhone X. Thus, which gadget is ideal for you? We will separate everything so you might make the correct decision for your necessities.


The iPhone 8 Plus is the more magnificent smartphone physically, even though the display of iPhone X’s is bigger when an estimated corner to corner.
The iPhone 8 Plus has a screen of 5.5-inch; however, it’s encompassed by means of a bezel with the camera for FaceTime on the brow, and the conventional Home button is present on the chin.

In contrast, the iPhone X consists of a 5.8-inch display. However, it’s in a more reduced bundle with almost no bezel, no Home button, and a bit “notch” for the camera system front-facing TrueDepth.


The most significant distinction between these iPhones is the screen display. The similar Retina display is spotted in iPhone 8 Plus as it has in earlier ages, its LCD that in the Hefty size is full High Definition at 1920×1080.

Apple altered entirely that when there comes iPhone X. It consists of an OLED display that is edge-to-edge, which provides it a significantly higher ratio of contrast plus support for the HDR video. It has a higher resolution with (2436×1125) plus pixel thickness as well—Apple’s notwithstanding calling it the “Super Retina.”


Inside, the distinctions are not so obvious. The two smartphones pack a similar processor, Apple’s A11 64-bit Bionic framework on-a-chip along with an installed motion coprocessor M11. Both likewise have a unique neural engine to allow AI processing occur on the gadget.

The Bionic A11 consists of an astounding six cores: Two for superior computing, plus four productivity cores for errands that do not need as much execution—or as plentiful power. Apple stated that the A11 is 75 % speedier as compared to the former generation.


In case that battery life is the most imperative, the iPhone 8 Plus with its indeed greater battery ought to squeeze out somewhat more life amid Web utilize plus video streaming, even though Apple appraises about similar battery life for sound playback and talk time. We have discovered comparable outcomes in our testing, as well.

Both of the iPhones bolster wireless Qi charging, plus Apple will have its charging cushion one year from now, while a lot of Qi items exist as of now.

Rear Camera:

Still, iPhone 8 Plus enjoys an edge over the customary iPhone 8 with regards to camera characteristics. However, the iPhone X consists of the same double focal point camera on the back similar to iPhone 8 Plus, plus a similar video recording characteristic as well.

The one-minute contrast is that the iPhone X consists of “double optical picture stabilization,” which means it takes a shot at both of the back focal points, whereas the iPhone 8 Plus has simply “optical picture stabilization,” as per Apple.