Smartphones are extraordinary; they’re essentially a mini-computer in your pocket stuffed loaded with features to make your life simpler. These features are more subtle than others, so to enable you to capitalize on your smartphone, here are a few things you probably won’t have realized you could do with these phones.


Pretty much every smartphone producer overlays with its interface and features. In spite of their earnest attempts, they can’t satisfy everybody. Many features are missing or constrained on you, and things don’t look or feel right. Smartphone producers aren’t the main ones who can build up an interface for a telephone, and numerous outsiders have released their very own manifestations onto the mobile store, enabling you to download new interface launchers and supplant whatever one your phone accompanied.

Intensity of Infrared

Increasingly more smartphones equipped with infrared blasters, especially top of the line handsets from Samsung, HTC, Xiaomi, Nokia, and numerous others. If your phone has infrared, it can control whatever reacts to infrared sign. You’ll likely find that your phone, as of now, has an application that utilizes it shrouded away someplace, which can be modified to control your TV, AC, Fan, and anything which gets infrared signals. If your phone not introduced with a default application, you can download numerous applications from the mobile store.

Interactive Media Station

Your phone is a media station in your pocket you can make your tunes and become a DJ of your home party by downloading many jukebox applications accessible on the mobile store. You can associate your phone to the web and look through the sounds and sights of the world. You can watch your preferred shows and sports. Smartphone also gives you the capacity to stream your very own media over the web.


Most cell phones incorporate an accelerometer, gyro meter, compass, and a lot more, which is utilized to distinguish your phone’s direction, position, and plenty of different capacities. Your smartphone may have the applications, yet if not introduced, you can download numerous supportive apps to ascertain the separation, spirit level of any surfaces, discover the directions, and the conceivable outcomes are boundless. You can proselyte your phone into a multi-apparatus gadget.

Language Translator

Indeed, even as well as can’t be expected to be relied upon to run through complex sentences in different languages. Your phone can make communicating in and understanding different languages a mess simpler. By using a smartphone, you can request to translate a word or expression for you and get both a spoken and composed reaction.

Blacklist Numbers

Never again do you need to endure aggravation guest calls, as most phones offer the capacity to blacklist numbers. In any case, if you can’t find the element in your smartphone or would prefer not to utilize the default one, then you can download numerous from the play store with many more functionalities. You can hinder a number for calls, SMS, or for both.

Picture Editor

Everybody loves to travel and wants to make their trip memorable, for that you need a camera to capture the moments and beauty of nature. Don’t worry! The latest smartphones equipped with the best camera features and results. You need picture editor applications to enhance the beauty of your photography, and there are many applications available on the mobile store.